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J apanese cuisine is the world most recognized culinary process of the most meticulous oriental cuisine, which also created a Japanese cuisine exquisite and healthy diet concept, using natural ingredient is the main spirit of Japanese cuisine. Newly opened Esushi Japanese restaurant in Glasgow trendy west end (130-132 Byers Road) exactly followed by these healthy, natural, happy, delicious ideas. the restaurant's beautiful traditional oriental layout with modern twist has created a calming oasis in the busy city. Esushi's highly experienced chef followed by the idea of original food without any food additives and less greasy, use the freshest ingredients and the best cooking method to make the perfect food for everyone. Esushi welcome you all!

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  • “Service was great, staff were very friendly and the decor was lovely. Will definitely return.”

    — Donna

  • “There is a great atmosphere and the restaurant is always fairly busy which must surely be a good sign.”

    — Devere

  • “We were not disappointed, excellent meal, excellent service, no negatives.”

    — Gordon S

  • “I was attracted to this place by the ambience and decor visible through its many windows, along with the large number of diners they had.”

    — Nick G


Sticky, short-grained rice is the staple food in Japan. Uncooked rice is called kome. The cultivation of rice in paddy fields traditionally required great cooperation between villagers and this is said to have been central to the evolution of Japanese culture.

Seafood & Meat

Japanese people consume a lot more fish and this is said to be a major factor in the country's relatively low rate of heart disease. Seafood is eaten in just about any form you can imagine, from raw sushi and sashimi to grilled sweetfish and clams.


Udon noodles are made from wheat flour. They are boiled and served in a broth, usually hot but occasionally cold in summer, and topped with ingredients such as a raw egg to make tsukimi udon, and deep-fried tofu aburaage to make kitsune udon.

Soy Products

The humble soybean (daizu) is used to make a wide variety of foods and flavourings. Soybeans and rice are used to make miso, a paste used for flavouring soup and marinating fish. Together with soy sauce (shoyu), miso is a foundation of Japanese cuisine.

Food Menu

We know good food brings people together. Here at eSUSHI we are really passionate about cooking up great quality food at great prices.


  • Vegetable Croquette(3 pcs) V

    Deep fried curry & vegetable croquette in breadcrumbs
    Served with homemade katsu sauce.

  • lka Karaage

    Fried squid with chilli, Sesame & sea salt.

  • Edamame

    Pan fried Edamame beans in butter and sea salt.

  • Crunchy Kaiso

    Crunchy fresh seaweed with seasame seeds.

  • Sashimi Salad(Raw)

    Assorted fresh sashimi with green salad & homemade Yuzu dressing.

  • Gyoza(5pcs)

    Pan fried vegetable or chicken dumpling with Gyoza sauce.

  • Tebasaki(6pcs)

    Crispy fried chicken wings in reduced sauce topped with sesame seeds.

  • Takoyaki Octopus Ball

    Cripy fried chicken wings in reduced sauce topped with Takoyaki suuce & mayo.

  • Soft Shell Crab Salad

    Fried soft shell crab with fresh salad & dressing.

  • Kanpaj Spicy King Prawn(3pcs)

    Fried king prawn dipped in reduced sauce.

  • Tuna & Avocado Steak Tartar(Row)

    Minced tuna,spring onion,tobiko & avocado.


Soba & Remen & Udon Noodles

  • Tori Soba

    Stir fried soba noodles with chicken,pickle,peanuts and vegetables.

  • Spicy Pork Soba

    Stir fried soba noodles with sliced pork,peanuts,vegetables,pickle and kimchi sauce.

  • Yasai Soba

    Stir-fried soba noodles with peanuts,vegetables and pickles.

  • E Sushi Yaki Soba

    Stir-fried soba noodles with scallop,chicken,fish cake,peanuts,squid,vegetables and pickles.

  • Spicy Beef Udon

    Stir-fried udon noodles with Sliced with prawn,scallop,squid,egg,fish cake.

  • Umi Miso Udon

    Noodle in miso soup base.Served with stewed Pork or chicken,egg,fish cake,vegetables & seaweed.

  • Spicy Seafood Ramen

    Noodle in Spicy kimchi broth.Served with kingprawn,scallop,fish cake,squid,vegetables,egg & seaweed.


Donburi Set(All come with a Miso Soup)

  • Spicy Seafood Don

    Prawn,scallop,squid,fish cake,vegetable croquette & seasonal egg in sweet chilli sauce and rice.

  • Tofu Steak Don V

    Fried ToFu,mixed vegetables & homemade teriyaki sauce on rice.

  • Curry Katsu Don

    Deep fried pork cutlet in breadcrumbs with Japanese curry and rice.

  • Buta Shoga Don

    Pan fried sliced pork and vegetables with ginger sauce on rice.

  • Unagi Don

    Grilled fresh eel with sweet glazed sauce on rice.

  • Curry Tori Don

    Deep fried chicken cutlet in breadcrumbs with Japanese curry and rice.

  • Salmon Avocado Don(Raw)

    Fresh Salmon sashimi with avocado on sushi rice.

  • Chirashi Don(Raw)

    Assorted fresh sashimi on sushi rice.

  • Yaki Niku Don

    Pan fried Scottish beef,vegetables cooked in homemade Yaki Niku sauce.


Sushi & Sashimi

  • Gochujang Tuna & Avocado

    Tuna, sesame seeds, gochujang spicy sauce & avocado.

  • California

    Crab sticks, mayonnaise, avocado & masako.

  • Alaska

    Salmon, cream cheese, wasabi tobiko.

  • Unagi Avocado

    Eel avocado sesame seed & eel sauce.

  • Nishoku Tuna & Salmon

    Spicy tuna, salmon & masako.

  • Crunchy Spicy Tuna or Salmon

    With tempura butter, cucumber & Spicy mayonnaise.


Chef's Recommendation

  • Tiger Maki

    Fried tempura prawn, tobiko, cucumber, cream cheese, balsamic sauce & avocado.

  • Spider Maki

    Fried Soft shell crab, tobiko, avocado, mayonnaise and cucumber.

  • Kirin Roll

    Salmon, cucumber, avocado, crab stick, cream cheese & tobiko.

  • Eel Supreme

    Sesame seeds ,avocado, eel, cucumber & eel sauce.

  • Vegetable Futo Roll V

    Cucumber, homemade Japanese omelette, salad, kanpyo, avocado, sesame seeds, sweet bean curd.

  • e Sushi Special Roll

    Salmon, tuna, cream cheese, seabass, prawn fried in tempura butter, served with balsamic Sauce.

  • Summer Maki Roll

    Seared salmon, crab stick, cucumber, cream cheese, sesame seeds and spicy miso sauce.

  • Dragon Fly Maki

    Fried king prawn, avocado, flying fish roe, mayo and teriyaki sauce.


Sushi & Sashimi Set

  • Tricolor (9 pieces)

    Tuna, salmon & seabass.

  • Contemporary Moriawase

    (5 contemporary Nigiri, 6 pcs roll & 3 pcs Sashimi Tuna, salmon, seabass, prawn, yellow tail, Sashimi (tuna, salmon, Seabass) 6 pcs California Roll

  • Sashimi Combo

    18pcs Sashimi Selection (6 Varieties)

  • Itach Omakase

    5 pcs Sushi Nigiri, 6 pcs Cucumber cut,
    6 pcs Sashimi, 6 pcs California Roll.

  • Salmon Platter

    6 pcs Salmon maki 3 pcs Salmon Nigiri
    6 pcs Alaska Roll 3 pcs Sashimi.

  • Tuna Platter

    6 pcs Tuna Maki 3 pcs Tuna Nigiri
    6 pcs Crunchy Spicy Tuna 3 pcs Tuna Sashimi.


Temaki 1 piece Hand Roll

  • Vegetarian

    Avocado, cucumber, kanpro, lettuce, sesame seed & mayo.

  • Gochujang tuna & avocado

    Tuna, sesame seeds, avocado & spicy gochujang sauce.

  • California

    Crab sticks, avocado, masako & mayonnaise.

  • Alaska

    Salmon, cream cheese, wasabi tobiko.

  • Unagi Avocado

    Eel, avocado, sesame seeds & eel sauce.



  • Chicken teriyaki

    Grilled Chicken breast coated in homemade Teriyaki sauce with fresh salad.

  • Black Tiger Tempura

    5 pcs black tiger prawn tempura, served with tempura sauce.

  • Tonkatsu

    Fried pork in breadcrumbs, served with fresh mixed salad & homemade dressing.

  • Chicken Katsu

    Deep fried chicken breast in breadcrumbs, served with fresh mixed salad & homemade Katsu sauce.

  • Seabass Amazu Ankake

    Boneless fried fish, served with mixed vegetables and sweet & sour sauce.

  • Vegetable Tempura V

    Mixed vegetables in tempura butter with traditional tempura sauce.

  • Beef Teriyaki

    Grilled Scottish sirloin beef, served with homemade Teriyaki sauce & mixed salad.

  • Horenso Butter V

    Panfried buttered spinach with corn.

  • Tokubetsu Duck Steak

    Pan fried duck breast, served with fresh salad & orange sauce.

  • Sukiyaki Nabe

    Thin slice of Scottish beef poached with vegetables, egg, all served in a Japanese dish.


CHA - HAN and Side Dishes

  • Egg Fried Rice

  • Chicken Fried Rice

  • Prawn Fried Rice

  • Eel Fried Rice

  • Japanese Steamed Rice

  • 3 Kinds Pickles

  • Curry Sauce

  • Miso Soup



  • Handmake Daily Dessert with Ice Cream

  • Mixed Ice Cream

    Chestnut Kuri ice cream, macdta green tea ice cream, black sesame ice cream, (1 scoop each)

  • Chocolate Mochi

  • Yozu Ice Cream Mochi

  • Dorayaki with Red Bean Anko Paste

  • Dorayaki with Green Tea Custard


Lunch Box Set Menu

  • Chicken Teriyaki Lunch

    Grilled chicken with Teriyaki sauce, served with steamed rice, salad, Edamame, pickles & miso soup

  • Japanese Style Fried Pork Lunch

    Pan fried sliced pork, served with steamed rice, salad, crunchy kaiso, pickles & miso soup.

  • Tofu Steak Lunch V

    Fried ToFu with spring onion, served with steamed rice, salad, vegetable croquette, pickles & miso soup

  • Spicy Seabass Tempura Lunch

    Fried seabass tempura, served with salad, vegetable gyoza, steamed rice, pickles & miso soup.


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  • 130 Byres Road,
    Glasgow G12 8TD, Scotland.
  • Booking: +44 0141 339 8970
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